SELF DEFENSE UAE‘s goal is to remind you of the dangerous world we are living in by training you realistically and scientifically accurate to higher the chance of your survival in a life threatening situation.

These days martial arts became too sportive and competitive therefore many rules and tactics added to the original form to match these needs.

Unfortunately these rules and changes while making the art a fun and excited experience; they are also causing the real idea of self defense to disappear.

In SELF DEFENSE UAE we believe that we can serve you with Wing Tzun: the most effective form of self defense and Escrima: realistic combat with weapons.

In collaboration with EBMAS UAE that provides these 2 realistic forms and ASLAN MARTIAL ARTS which is our 5 star club located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, finally you can join the real self defense training that requires adaptation to real streets not just the fighting ring.

Our goal is and always will be serving the members of all ages & genders with realistic instructions at ASLAN MARTIAL ARTS your favorite 5 star club by Sifu Emir R. Furuhende: EBMAS UAE Chief Instructor (January 1st 2010 ~ April 30th 2019) also the first person who brought EBMAS to UAE…