A Concept Weighted Education

Great Grand Master Rene Latosa has been teaching his unique style of Escrima (Latosa Escrima Concepts)
he learned from his father and well-known masters for over 35 years in Europe and USA. The basic differences
discriminating his school from others is teaching concepts rather than pure techniques.

understanding the concepts initially use the techniques by the help of them. Thus, they
could perceive the difference between the usage of weapons and empty hands better and by the help of same basics they can handle both of them much easier.

Five Basic Concepts

Techniques in Latosa Escrima are based on sensible concepts that could be used everyday: balancefocusspeed (timing and distance), power and transition.

Escrima benefits these concepts as a catalyst to memorize the knowledge quicker. Techniques in 
Escrima teach students how to practice concepts and apply them in case of need. Therefore they’re
applied as needed and flexibility is added.