Speed (timing & distance) is the element of execution as to when you can hit your attacker.

Balance, which lays at the core of Escrima Concepts plays an important role in the usage of speed. With correct calculation of distance is used in accordance with accurate timing, speed becomes an important factor.

With the example of riding a bicycle, so far that seems pretty easy but now there is an issue of speed and controlling speed so that the fast approaching a tree won’t be the collision point. And what about those traffic lights? Eventually there has to be a time to stop. This is the braking point, which also has to be balanced. When there is an unexpected braking needed and applied only to the front of the bike, there is a chance the rear of the bike could easily become the front of the bike…! This is the idea of controlling power or balancing power in relationship with the rest of the concepts.

If we take the time of an attack, we can relate to speed with:

Integrated body movements.


Forward pressure.

Mental calculation speed.